The 100% way to become a professional music producer

best beat making softwareLearning to make beats and to become a great producer is a journey. From imitating your favorite producer to creating your own sound your skills will evolve as you become smarter, quicker, and producer better quality music. To truly learn how to start making beats you really have to become a constant experimenter. My First experience came as an 11th grade high school student with an FL Studio Setup. The year prior in 10th grade I was setting infront of FL and really it was a challenge. I quit but a year later my friend coaxed me into making beats. It was probably the best thing that happened. I found creative insight that I’d never knew before. We were making hip hop beats and this cycle has created for 8 years on going. The moral of the story is truly to get success and be a serious producer who will profit from your work you must know how to invest, be patient, and reinvent yourself time and time again.

Investing in Studio Setup:

For beginner getting caught up in what type of equipment you should buy or what tools you should use is truly irrelevant. What is relevant is you starting as soon as possible with what you have and building your brand. Fl Studio, Dr. Drum, BTV Solo use what you have access to, and start making as many beats as you can. The amazing speakers, mixing, mastering, and sound quality can come later after you have established what type of music you want to make and if this is really for you. Producers are really cult like when it comes to production equipment to the point that they forget the essensce. 9Th Wonder one of the great hiphop producers has an amazing story of using his so called primitive fl studio tool to make music.

“It’s not about the machine, but the man behind the machine.” -9th Wonder

As you grow you kills set then you can dive into the many productions speakers, and setup as you evolve but if you are a beginner I would stick to a pair of headphones and a beat making software within your budget. I will explain to you why I would start off with these two types of instruments. Read blogs to for to buy beat making software online and the software you need to invest in and slowly start investing. I advise you invest after you have sold a few beats. It will prove your business prowess and your love for what you do and your drive to perserve your dream.

Turning Your Produciton into Business:music production software

There is a major dilemma between artistic freedom and the music business that is interesting. Most beginners are artistic and become paralyzed to just being an artistic individual. There is nothing wrong with this but if you want to be a professional producer you have to know how to educate yourself early on how to get paid for your work. Countless producers just give out free beats, because other producers do the same. It is disgusting and really robbing you of leaving your dream as a full time music producer. At some point I believe to truly take care of your dream to be a producer you have to know the business from royalties, upfront payments, and getting your beats placed with all types of artist.

Know your goals, Know your rates, Know your music, and how to market it.

Be Diverse:

Diversity in music will allow you to always evove and come up with your own genre of music it is not enough to do one style. The problem is artistic fields such as music production require constant inpiration. I remember being heavy into hiphop the amazing thing about hip hop is when you sample music. You are exposed to all periods of music searching for samples. It’s amazing the sounds, drums, and patterns of melody you become exposed to that will ultimately influence your music and help you create your own style. Be different it is not enough to produce the same music. I wish my generation was willing to create a new genre of music. Our blog will feature more information on how to get your music business off the ground but in the mean time you should checkout my personal favourite source for music production.

Cheap vs Expensive Beat Software

With our term presentation heading up in only one week, we have been chipping away at cleaning our presentation. While the data that we are going to present is 60% of our imprint, the other 40% goes towards the bore of our presentation and I truly need us to emerge.

Along these lines, we have been chipping away at making some executioner beats for the presentation. We would not like to utilize stock music or something out there, yet rather make some custom tracks to truly make everything interesting. Presently, I am not an artist, but rather I realized that there was some product out there that could truly bail us out.

We would not like to spend a ton of cash to purchase the best beat making programming as we didn’t have a considerable measure, however I would not like to be excessively modest and have our presentation mirror that. In the wake of doing a touch of exploration, i chose to purchase Dr. Drum as it was shoddy and simple to learn.

I turned into a performer overnight!

Alright, well you won’t hear my music distributed at any point in the near future, yet I did figure out how to make sense of the product and make the ideal soundtrack for our presentation.

I think we’ll expert the task!