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Microphones for vocals (Part 1 of 6)

I always get asked what types of microphone should I get for recording vocals and that depends on a lot of things. One of the main things is your budget, you have to know how much you are willing to spend and the type of sound you are looking for.


With so many different sounds from various microphones, one would be amazed at exactly how slight the fidelity is amongst inexpensive and more costly microphone models that are sold today. Many people are unlikely to observe a massive upgrading in the truth from the recordings when upgrading a Rode NT1 or Audio-Technica AT4040, both microphones are under $300, to a microphone priced over a $1000, even if the specifications may be improved


Why would anyone want to pay more money for an expensive microphone? There are many reason individuals are eager to pay for a more luxurious microphones is since each of these microphones have their own unique sound to them, and with few circumstances where the sound individuality of some microphones matters so much as after you’re recording lead vocals. For this reason one should try out as many different microphone models as you can before you plan to record your vocals. The most expensive microphones, or one with the most significant brand names, will sound great for recording vocals.


A lot of singers favor large-diaphragm capacitor microphone, so make sure that you try at least a few of them. Tube microphones are considered suitable for recording vocals, as they have a very subtly flat warmth sound to them. Keep in mind tube microphones will be more expensive, and the sound may not be what you are looking for in a microphone.



Also now a days most microphones come with a shockmount which is good for you. Why you may ask? A suspension shockmount are seen on large-diaphragm condenser microphones are not just for show. The shockmounts can be extremely effective in reducing the levels of unwanted noise recorded. A studio microphone can be very sensitive to mechanical vibrations, so the elasticated suspension is used to isolate it from the stand, reducing the degree to which stand-borne vibrations can reach the capsule.


If you're overdubbing vocals in a quiet room with a solid floor, then you are able to get away without using a shockmount, provided that you're not in the habit of tapping your feet! A shockmount can be very important in studios with wooden floors, or where several musicians are playing together in the same room.


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